The FPA exists to champion diversity in the National Football League (“NFL”)

The FPA is a non-profit that serves to level the playing field through education, access, and advocacy in the NFL.

Years of advocacy and experienced leadership with a history of working across NFL teams and league levels in multiple capacities

We champion diversity through education and providing our members with resources that will help them succeed at every level of the game.

FPA’s Advocacy

The FPA was founded with the mission to promote diversity and equality of job opportunities in NFL coaching, front office, and scouting staff. Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, we aim to ensure that NFL front offices and coaching staffs reflect the diversity of the league’s players and fans.

Impactful Advocacy

Community Involvement

The FPA actively engages with youth, schools, and community organizations to spread our message of inclusion and create opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow.

Benefits of FPA

Educate, Navigate, Advocate, Elevate

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